Insulated Render

Insulated Render systems are the latest in performance facade applications. They are extremely flexible, giving high levels of crack resistance, and can be through- coloured giving colour stability, leading to increased durability and lower maintenance.
 Available in an infinite range of finish colours and textures they provide much flexibility in design and specification options.

At Clarke Facades we have gathered much experience over the last 20 years in the use of these systems, and have worked hard to research and test the most appropriate product for each project circumstance. With this element now becoming the mainstay of our business, we are excited about the future and relish the challenge of certain future growth in this sector.

With dedicated specialist teams, equipped with the latest machinery and training who carry out this work day and daily, we are best placed to provide specialist render solutions. It is with our skills and experience that we can produce façade finishes of the highest standard, efficiently, and in a safe manner.

Clarke Facades are licensed approved applicators for the leading insulation and render systems available today including:

  • Sto
  • Saint Gobain Weber
  • Kilwaughter

Our close relationship with these key manufacturers have enabled us to provide truly value added solutions for our clients.

Available in many different systems, and finishes Clarke Facades specialize in the following:

  • Thin-coat Acrylic and Silicone self-cleaning renders
  • Cementitious scratch renders
  • Brick-Slips
  • Dash Stone
  • Ceramic Tile