Jordan Harris Little Senior Contracts Manager at Clarke Facades comments on his contract management, hobbies and home-life.

Jordan, as Senior Contracts Manager at Clarke Facades tell us a little about your typical working week.

The main focus of my role is to manage a number of contracts for Clarke Facades in mainland UK, from preconstruction through to aftercare, responsible for project delivery and performance.  A typical working week includes the management of live projects to handover stage. On our larger scale projects, I become involved with our commercial team before contract award. I complete onsite visits, travel to management meetings at our Head Office in Northern Ireland, build a good rapport with our clients. I have a keen interest in developing systems within the company.

I live in England which suits the needs of Clarke Facades as the majority of our work is in the London area. I enjoy my role as a Manager as I get to meet a variety of people, visit a selection of locations as well as visiting the team in Northern Ireland on a weekly basis.

How long have you worked for Clarke Facades and what’s your favorite project to date?

I’ve worked at Clarke Facades since 2011. In this time, I have worked on a wide range of projects across the UK, being involved in many large-scale projects and locations is part of the job I enjoy most! A big part of my job role is to ensure that the delivery and performance of projects is to the high standard that Clarke Facades are known for.

Aesthetically, my favourite project would be the Curtain Club in Shoreditch for its overall finish, the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital would be my favourite scheme to work on for the mixture of complementing materials and challenges and our live project New Barnett for the systems and how well it is currently progressing.

Jordan, tell us a little about what you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work I lead a very active and family orientated lifestyle with my wife and our two daughters who are aged 11 and 6, we enjoy the outdoors, walking our dogs and days out in the city or attending amusement parks. My main hobbies are martial arts based, I’ve trained Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) for years however since recovering from an injury I am currently focusing on training in Brazilian Jujitsu. My 11-year-old daughter competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, she is a gold medal English Champion, silver Medal European champion and Bronze world champion. My 6-year old daughter wishes to compete in Gymnastics.