At Clarke Facades we take this element of our business very seriously and strive to make positive steps to implement our Environmental Policy.

Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. We recognise our responsibility for the protection of the natural environment and reduction of our carbon footprint.

As part of this pro-active approach, we have become heavily involved in more sustainable building applications such as External Wall Insulation Systems (EWI), which committed to reducing the use of fossil fuels to heat buildings.
We continue to implement our SWMP (Site Waste Management Plan). We are working with a leading recycling company to recycle Gypsum. This material can now be recycled to produce 100% re-useable powder for use in plasterboard and cement applications. Waste segregation and recycling is due to become a big part of the construction industry under new EU directives. We have foreseen these changes and have already developed our waste disposal practices.

Of course an effective environmental system not only works for the benefit of the environment, it also benefits local communities, employees, and the company itself, by improving bottom line results. For example, ensuring vehicles are properly maintained, increasing efficiency, clamping down on waste by operatives, recycling material packaging therefore reducing disposal costs.

Environmental Statement

As a Company we are committed to ensuring that our environment does not suffer as a result of our working practices. We will as far as possible balance the need to achieve our business aims with the need to protect the local environment. We will endeavour to:

  • Ensure we conduct our operations to fully comply with relevant local and national legislation. Where no regulation exists the Company will establish an environmental performance standard to conduct operations by.
  • Proactively promote recycling and use of recycled materials.
  • Where ever possible reduce the consumption of materials and design energy efficiency into new services, operations and buildings and site operations so as to minimise visual, noise and other impacts on the local environment.
  • Actively promote and use products that are safe to use and which can be recycled or disposed of safely.
  • Recognise that environmental risks should be part of the normal checklist of risk assessment and management and ensure adequate and appropriate resources are made available to ensure the environmental policy is implemented and maintained in full.
  • Provide any relevant information pertaining to the environment is made available to ensure effective relations are maintained with our employees, the local community, other interested bodies.
  • Under take regular training and assessment of staff and employees to ensure their ability to perform tasks, meet our procedures and environmental policy and protects their Health, Safety and Welfare.