Ricky French

Facade Designer

Bsc (Hons) Architectural Technology and Management

"I'm so glad I chose Clarke Façades as my place of work!"



How did you first hear about the Clarke Facades Graduate Programme?

On completion of my degree I was very keen to start my career as a Designer but having little experience and only graduating from university it was very difficult to secure a job, that’s when I came across Clarke Facades Graduate Programme.


What is your typical working day like at Clarke Facades?

Everyday can be different, which I enjoy. As I am mostly based in the office I use CAD a lot to work on designs but sometimes we are required to go on site which is also great as I get to see the buildings which we are working on and their progress.


What sort of training do you receive at Clarke Facades?

Throughout the graduate programme we continually learned both on the job and off the job. Clarke Facades are continually investing in developing their staff, which is brilliant for us! I am CWCT Accredited and have completed other relevant training courses for design.


What is your favourite thing about working for Clarke Facades?

I thoroughly enjoy my design work – I’ve worked on major construction buildings across the UK and Ireland and it’s brilliant to see the start and end project. We have a brilliant design team, my other colleagues are great and our new office space is fantastic.

Final Thought

I’m so glad I chose Clarke Façades as my place of work!