Bann Valley Road Club “Classic”

Massive congratulations to the team at Bann Valley Road Club for the organization of this year’s Classic! The event was a huge success and the turnout was a testament to this. The event saw teams and riders from across the country take part in the A1/2 race, the A3 race and the A4 race where riders had to navigate three different circuits. Paul McCarter from Donegal Bay was the winner of theA1/2 race, while John Bann Lavery of Clann Eireann was the winner of the A3 race and the A4 race was won by Michael Boal of Madigan. Massive commendations to all who took part and well wishes for the season ahead from all the team at Clarke Facades.

Michael Clarke stated “The Classic has become an event which marks the start of the road racing season and is enjoyed thoroughly by all. The growing numbers year on year highlight the growing popularity of the event. It is wonderful to be able to sponsor Bann Valley Road Club particularly when you see the success of organized events such as the Classic.”