Aidan Scullion Contracts Manager at Clarke Facades comments on his project management in Ireland and Mainland UK.

Aidan, as Contracts Manager at Clarke Facades tell us a little about your typical working week.

The main focus in my role is to manage a number of Contracts for Clarke Facades in both Ireland and Mainland UK, responsible for project delivery and performance.  A typical working week would include onsite visits to live projects travelling back and forth to mainland UK, building a good rapport with our clients and being involved with contracts once they are secured by our commercial team to handover stage.  I very seldom see my desk as I’m often on the road to live projects or catching a plane!


How long have you worked for Clarke Facades, what do you enjoy most about your job?

I’ve worked at Clarke Facades for almost 2 years. I have worked on a wide range of projects across the UK and Ireland, being involved in many large-scale projects and locations is part of the job I enjoy most!  Clarke Facades are a trusted partner to main contractors, so having a good rapport with the companies also helps make the job enjoyable.

We have gradually increased our service offering and added to our team, bringing in a mixture of industry experience and university graduates, it’s great to work alongside colleagues who also enjoy what they do but to have some fun along the way!  Our recent office move (when I get a chance to sit at my desk) has helped drive the company culture and create a more collaborative work space.


As one of Clarke Facades Contract Managers, what do you find most difficult?

Like any other growing business, it is important that we keep control of each live project and ensure that delivery and performance is to the high standard that Clarke Facades are known for.  Heading up multiple projects in the UK and Ireland there is a lot of travel involved which takes a way from the amount of time you actually have on site as well as at home however, we have a strong team supporting each project across all departments who are fully committed to their work.


Aidan, tell us a little about what you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy taking part in most sports from cycling to CrossFit athletics to motorsports, anything involving a bit of friendly competition! I’ve taken part in the Belfast Marathon Team Relay with colleagues to raise money for our charity partner the last 2 years and try to get involved with any of the golf or football activities arranged through work. On our last team bonding day, the company decided to tackle Indoor go-karting which was great fun too! My wife and I also have a new born baby and an energetic 7-year-old at home, so with work, sport and family there isn’t much time for anything else!