Clarke Offsite

Our fabrication branch of our business, Clarke Offsite welcomed the arrival of an Emmegi Satellite 5 axis CNC machine, delivered from Italy will enable us as a company to double the capacity of our fabrication process, leading to the employment of highly skilled workers, enabling us to offer a better service to our clients and to continue sustained growth in our industry.

The CNC machining centre with moving gantry structure is designed for milling, drilling, thread cutting and cutting on bars or large workpieces of aluminium, light alloys in general and steel.  The highly powered electrically-driven spindle with HSK-63F tool holder allows machining operations, including heavy-duty work, with optimum results in terms of speed, accuracy and consistent quality.

The new machine will be used for glazing systems and bespoke architectural elements on our projects. This latest investment further cements our position in the market and highlights the commitment to our long-term growth plans.